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Ft is a concept, on how to achieve Artificial Propulsion!!!!
Space Tech

At the Invasive Energy workshop we had a great break  through in this Tech.


I would like to introduce to you  a new alternative means of propulsion “FT”

FT is a Principle , by which it  could be said as to that of generating a artificial force field  to manifest in a sought after direction  which = propulsion

“FT” is a principle developed  by  FFT  and the Invasive Energy Worshop. This new revolutionizing technology could allow a craft to take off from the sea bed and advance straight  to the moon and back,  with out the use of rockets , this type of propulsion gives the edge to  the concept of  travel,

It can be used within all known climates,

It can be used in a submarine, where by replacing the prop screw= zero sound detection and more maneuverability.

It can cause space travel to become 70% cheaper.

It can allow travel to take place from commercial airports to Mars as due to the fact it requires zero jet or rocket fuel, by which it can reach Mars within weeks ( due to the fact that it will continue to climax to the point known as half way between Mars and Earth where by it will start to reverse the climax and cause it to reach a dead speed, before landing on mars, it requires Zero refuel to take place on mars and can advance at high maneuvering back to earth!

If fitted to a Aircraft for combat it Will have Zero Heat trail and can function in all known climates.

Successful tests have been carried out.

If your interested, your more then welcome to contact Us. Tech Is going on sale Limited offer!

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At the invasive energy cc workshop we have succeeded in Fabricating Artificial Propulsion!
Check youtube
(Greenfieldjosh Ufo tech ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQMrYIyR1HY

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